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The space industry has experienced significant growth and development in recent years due in part to affordable launch costs. With increasing attention on the commercialization of space, including the development of commercial space stations, this emerging industry presents a range of opportunities and challenges with the use of commercial or private human spaceflight operations. 


The founders of Parsec shared a common aspiration to become astronauts, which led them to apply for the 2021 ESA Astronaut Selection. It was during this rigorous selection process that they crossed paths and came together to establish PARSEC.


Our team is a unique blend of highly skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. With members who have worked at prestigious institutions, academia, and space agencies such as NASA, we bring a wealth of experience in various fields including flight operations, medical support, research, and expeditions. Our team consists of PhD-level scientists and engineers, pilots, medical doctors, members of the military, educators and more, combining a wide range of skills and proficiency. Hailing from 13 different countries, we offer a global perspective, hands-on skills and extensive knowledge of extreme environments. Our collective experience truly showcases the comprehensive range of crucial aspects we cover in ensuring high-quality astronaut training.

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