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Joining ESA BIC Sweden and Innovatum Science Park

June 2024

We are proud to announce our acceptance into the ESA Business Incubation Centre Sweden program. This significant milestone underscores PARSEC Spaceflight’s vision of revolutionizing astronautics training and provides the essential support needed to further our mission of making space accessible for all.

Our journey began in 2021 when the founding team, united by the dream of becoming astronauts, recognized the need for a dedicated training program for future space professionals. The idea for PARSEC was born out of this shared passion during the rigorous ESA astronaut selection process. Now, with our acceptance into ESA BIC Sweden, we are poised to develop a comprehensive training program for both professional and private individuals, qualifying them to travel to and work in space.

Being accepted into ESA BIC is an important milestone for PARSEC. It confirms our vision and gives us the support we need to drive our mission forward. We look forward to collaborating with ESA’s experts to improve training programs for commercial crewed spaceflights. This opportunity inspires us to push the boundaries of what is possible within space accessibility.

The team behind PARSEC Spaceflight consists of experts from various parts of Europe, bringing together extensive knowledge from fields including medicine, NASA, ESA, aviation, engineering, education, science, and the military. This diverse expertise is the backbone of our training programs, ensuring a comprehensive and robust curriculum.

Our training program is inspired by the scientific advances and methodologies of ESA and NASA. It is modular, flexible, and mostly online, allowing students to become certified at their own pace without interrupting their careers. We also offer leadership retreats with a space theme and zero-gravity experiences, ensuring a well-rounded and immersive training experience.

Through the ESA BIC Sweden program, operated by Innovatum Science Park, we receive product development grants, access to specialized assistance from ESA experts, and comprehensive business development support. This support is crucial in helping us refine our training programs and bring them to a broader audience.

As we embark on this exciting journey, our goal remains clear: to catalyze the commercialization of space, making it accessible and beneficial for humanity. By providing rigorous education and training, we aim to equip professionals with the necessary skills to perform their work in space, preparing the next wave of mission specialists and offering companies and entities the specialized talent needed for their space-based studies, research, or commercial endeavors.

Read Innovatum's press release (in Swedish):

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