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PARSEC & SPARTAN Space - Lunar surface simulation mission

January 2024

In January 2024 PARSEC conducted its first successful lunar surface simulation together with the amazing crew from SPARTAN Space at the frozen lake of Tignes in the French Alps, in order to test and validate the Eurohab concept, and its ability to endure extreme environments as well as its capabilities with regards to EVA procedures (soil sampling, solar harvesting, and equipment testing) and shelter for two analog astronauts (Silvana Pinna and Camilla Tossi). With the symbiotic combination of the Eurohab and the BORP suits (original concept by Paul Bakken, built by Dirk Raiser) we did not only get some valuable testing results for both and great shots but also quite some media attention in Tignes. Apart from the EVA procedures we also managed to set up a SatNOGS station in and on the Eurohab thanks to the remote support from Christian Schmelzer. During this exciting week a joint collaboration with Alban Michon was also conducted, where the Eurohab was used as a mission control center for the ice diving activity testing SPARTAN’s underwater platform LAMA.

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